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Rams DE William Hayes doesn't believe in dinosaurs

We live in a society where people are allowed to cultivate their own thoughts and ideas about any number of things. Often times, that leads to some really hilarious crap. This is one of those times.

Rams defensive end William Hayes, a real live person, does not believe dinosaurs ever existed. Not just that, he believes they are, like, some kind of conspiracy. Speaking to ESPN about his teammate and fellow defensive star, Chris Long had this to say:

"He thinks archaeologists place bones underground like a parent would place Easter eggs. They just planted them. It's some large conspiracy. He does not believe that dinosaurs ever existed and he thinks that mermaids are real. I love dinosaurs, so we have a big point of contention."

Okay, so not only does Hayes not believe in dinosaurs, he DOES BELIEVE IN MERMAIDS. He's not the only pro athlete who does, but still.

"No, I don't believe dinosaurs existed. Not even a little bit. With these bones, it's crazy because man has never seen a dinosaur, we can agree on that, right? But we know exactly how to put these bones together? I believe there is more of a chance you will find a mermaid than you will a dinosaur because we find different species in the water all the time.

"I don't understand how [Long] just believes in dinosaurs. That's just crazy to me. We know they died. We know what a T-Rex eats? That don't sound crazy to you? We have never seen a dinosaur before but we know exactly where every single rib [was] and which rib goes where. That's crazy to me."

I, uh, what are you talking about William? He believes that dinosaurs died but also thinks they never existed, and seems to consider archeology/paleontology garbage science all together?

Honestly, as long as this makes Ross from Friends angry then I'm fine with it.

(h/t @ForTheWin)