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Chip Kelly was fired and Twitter knew before Eagles players did

The Eagles fired head coach Chip Kelly on Tuesday night, and we all found out at about the same time. You know who else found out at the same time? The players.

The reactions from there were varied, with some players expressing anger.

Emmanuel Acho tossed out what appeared to be a bit of a subtweet toward Chip and the amount of power he'd been given within the organization.

At least one player just wanted to know what the hell was going on.

Former players didn't have too many kind things to say. Julian Vandervelde, who had been signed and released multiple times by Chip this year, was left wondering if he might have a job in a few days.

Even players who haven't played for the Eagles or Chip Kelly had some thoughts to share.

And, of course, Donovan McNabb chimed in with his thoughts on why Chip was fired.

We're still waiting to hear from LeSean McCoy and Desean Jackson. That will obviously be awesome.