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Russell Westbrook tells off Jalen Rose and Dr. Phil in new Foot Locker ad

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In a new Foot Locker commercial for the new XX9 Lows -- the same XX9 Lows that Michael Jordan showed off when a kid tried to prank him over the summer -- a young fan approaches Russell Westbrook and tells him he bought the new shoes so he could be just like him. Westbrook does his best to inspire the kid, but then a plethora a people, including Jalen Rose and Dr. Phil, interrupt him to say that's not going to happen. (Statistically, that's not going to happen.)

The kicker, however, is that, after Westbrook tells the the kid to be himself, Westbrook throws some shade at Jalen Rose:

"Don't listen to them, kid. Just be yourself. I was trying to be like Jalen."



Aww, Russ. Don't bring up Jalen's hopes like that.