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The 7 saddest things about how the College Football Playoff committee is watching championship day

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This photo proves a mammoth problem with the College Football Playoff Committee selection process. These people have absolutely no idea how to watch football.

Look at this stupid friggin' room. It's the dumbest room ever. It's the dumbest room with the worst chairs and no snacks. This is an affront to football. It's a war against how we consume football. There's so much wrong with this room.

  1. Only Condoleeza Rice appears to have a drink and it's probably unsweet tea -- the most boring drink.
  2. Mike Tranghese (on the right) didn't even get a dang office chair. He's watching football while sitting on a dining room chair. It doesn't even look like a comfortable dining room chair.
  3. Nobody is the slightest bit happy.
  4. They're probably unhappy because there are no snacks on those four tiny tables that are three feet away from them and at a terrible snacking height.
  5. Dan Radakovich looks like your dad after going to Home Depot. He also realizes he's stuck in this f***ing room instead of being at Clemson vs. North Carolina to see the ACC title game live.
  6. Barry Alvarez looks like Tony Soprano asked Pauly Walnuts to travel Wisconsin for a hit. This is the only thing not wrong with the photo, because at least this man is comfortable.
  7. They're so far from the screen it's like the committee are in a classroom where the teacher wheeled in an old TV on a cart to watch a vaguely-historical movie while he got over his hangover. (Shout-out to my 8th grade Modern History teacher Mr. Martin).
This committee needs to be deposed. Not because they can't do their job, but because they allowed for this room to happen. This room is anti-American, against everything football stands for and it makes us sad just looking at it.