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Clemson didn’t buy enough pizza for all the fans who showed up to celebrate its No. 1 ranking

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Clemson had a gigantic pizza party to celebrate winning the ACC and making the College Football Playoff!

There were a lot of people there, which is great! Clemson has every reason to be excited and pizza is great! Good for everyone!

According to ESPN, there were 25,000 people in attendance and 2,500 pizzas were provided by 10 different Papa John's locations. Obviously 2,500 pizzas is a lot of pizza. $35,475 worth of pizza assuming Dabo didn't have a coupon, which he almost definitely did. Dabo is a coupon guy.

A Papa John's extra large pizza is cut into ten slices, so the math works out to one slice of pizza per person in attendance. That's not a pizza party. That's a pizza rationing. Clemson fans probably aren't complaining, but they'll definitely be going somewhere else to eat after the party.

If one slice of pizza per person is Clemson's seasonal harvest, they maybe should have planted a little bit more.