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Panthers and Jets owners dab, players lose it with excitement

myOWNERisSWAGG1ERthanURs! what.....JEA1OUS!??#weGOTtoWORKonH1Sform #BUTuGETtheG1ST #uDOwhatUwantWHENuPOPP1N

Posted by Cam Newton on Monday, December 7, 2015

There's something different in the NFL this season. Could it be? Is it? Is ... professional football ... fun? Nobody's denying that the NFL has been great to watch in the past, but it always lacked the exuberance and glee that college football fans have enjoyed for so long -- until now.

Every fire has a spark and Cam Newton dabbing against the Titans and almost causing a brawl was that moment. Now everyone is dabbing. So many people are dabbing that we don't blame you if you're sick of dabbing. However, despite being tired of dabbing we can appreciate Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Jets owner Woody Johnson getting in on the craze to the delight of their players.

These normally stodgy businessmen are cutting loose -- that's not a bad thing.

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SB Nation presents: Eveybody is dabbbing since Cam Newton did it