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The Rockets (and their coach!) had a fantastic time at Dwight Howard's birthday party

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Dwight Howard turns 30 on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Happy birthday, Dwight Howard! Dwight celebrated his 30th with what appears to be a Great Gatsby-themed party, featuring performances by T.I. and Boosie, and just a whole lot more celebrity and pomp than you'll find at the average birthday party. Like, Bun B literally never accepts my invitations.

Anyway, this looks like fun:

And for all of us talking about malaise in the Rockets locker room, or controversy surrounding their early-season coaching change, here you have several Rockets players -- including Howard, James Harden, and Patrick Beverley -- dancing on stage with their new coach, J.B. Bickerstaff. Things aren't going so hot on the court these days, but they're getting along just fine!

Now I'm just upset Kevin McHale got fired because we might have missed an opportunity to watch a video of McHale bunny-hopping to Drake.

(via forevermoore2013via r/NBA)