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A Patriots fan bet Connor Barwin a beer if the Eagles won and Connor Barwin made damn sure he got his beer

A strange thing happened after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots on Sunday. As Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin strode toward the locker room, he grabbed a beer from a waiting fan.

This, it turns out, was payment for a bet the fan made with Barwin earlier in the game.

"I go out to the field and warm up by myself early and some Patriots fans—that these stadiums now have access where they're right up on the field—and they were kind of messing with me," Barwin explained to CBS Philly. "Talking about how I wasn't going to get any sacks, we weren't going to win, blah, blah, blah. And I just said make sure you have a beer ready for me after we win."

After the game, Barwin, who notched six tackles and two sacks, went looking for the Patriots fans.

"And sure enough, we won and they had a Bud Light ready for me so I grabbed it on my way out."

(via CBS Philly)