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Kirk Cousins was ecstatic about the positivity of the questions after Washington’s loss

He likes that question!

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins doesn't care what the media will say about the team's last-minute loss to the Dallas Cowboys because he has that attitude.

He doesn't care what Dallas did to win on what was essentially a 30-second drive because, again, he has that attitude. Hey, he has that PMA -- that positive mental attitude!

Even during the heartbreaking loss, Cousins relied on the power of positivity to get him going. When asked by a reporter if we can gain something positive about this loss, all Cousins could do is bask in the question itself as though he was the best, most enthusiastic second grade teacher in the entire school district. The jubilant pointing also helps.

Who are we kidding, he's crushed. That forced smile is the most obvious facade. 

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