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NBA player Darius Morris says he was hacked after his Twitter trashed Bryon Scott

Lakers coach Bryon Scott demoted D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle from the starting lineup on Monday, a move that wasn't popular with some. Whoever was running former Laker Darius Morris' Twitter account was among those not happy with the move.

Morris is not currently on an NBA roster after being waived by the Nets in training camp and suffering a leg injury. First let's start out with the string of tweets screencapped for posterity.

Morris 1

Morris 2

Morris 3

Morris 4

Morris 5

Morris 6

The tweeter even had jokes!

Morris 7

There is a lot there and none of it holds back in the criticism of Scott. Morris played for the Lakers for two seasons, but never under Scott. Even still, he let his opinion be heard ... if you believe it's him. Even while Morris's account was still tweeting Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports reported that Morris claimed the account had been hacked.

Someone with access to Morris' Twitter account is not a fan of Scott, Morris or otherwise.