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This NFL player got a job by tweeting at the Broncos defensive coordinator

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, Shiloh Keo -- who is a free agent after three years with the Houston Texans and being waived by the Cincinnati Bengals at the start of last season -- apparently took umbrage that the Denver Broncos had declined to sign him.

The former fifth round pick decided to tweet his complaints to Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who served as Houston's head coach during Keo's final year with the team.

Phillips responded, explaining the team's decision to re-sign safety Josh Bush instead. "u know how much I think of u," Phillips wrote.

Keo asked Phillips to keep him in mind.

Apparently, the team did just that: On Wednesday morning, the Broncos announced that they signed Keo.

Keo is the latest in a string of NFL players who have successfully used social media to solicit employers. In July, free agent running back LaVance Taylor scored an invitation to the Kansas City Chiefs' training camp after tweeting a highlight tape at them. And in November, former Texas Southern wide receiver Joe Anderson took to Instagram to share an image of himself standing outside the Houston Texans' training facility with a sign saying that he was "[n]ot homeless ... but STARVING for success!!!"

"Im not looking at my situation with a worldly mindset," wrote Anderson, "and that's what's gonna seperate me my hunger can't be matched my heart can't be compared too, I'm outside the Houston Texans facility every morning, because I kno what type of gift God has blessed me with!!!"

Several teams reached out to Anderson after his Instagram post, according to Bleacher Report, but he remains a free agent.

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