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A high school player named Oman Oman chucked a basketball across the court to hit this ridiculous buzzer beater

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The town of Austin, Minn. must be incredibly excited right now, because one of their high school basketball players, Oman Oman (great name, by the way, if you're quoting Drake) pulled off an amazing buzzer beater on Tuesday.

According to the team blog, the Austin Packers were down by two points with only 1.6 seconds left. A opposing player missed a free throw, Oman grabbed the rebound, chucked the ball across the court, and it went in. The buzzer beater put up the team's season record to 4-0.

Here's another angle of the shot:

Here's hoping we see Oman Oman play in college, and eventually, the NBA.

(via @HoopsAhs)