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Kevin Durant made a child collapse in delight during a school visit

He literally can't even!

On Wednesday, Kevin Durant, through his charity foundation, donated $35,000 to Positive Tomorrows, an Oklahoma City elementary school that serves homeless children. And he didn't just simply donate -- he actually paid a visit to the school, which made this particular student melt upon seeing him:

According to, he's familiar with the school by now, considering that this is his third donation to them:

It's the third time Durant has donated to this particular school, which he said caught his attention when he was researching on the web a few years back. This particular donation will go toward stocking food and building a kitchen at the school.

"They needed some help and, simple, I just wanted to help them," Durant said. "I've been here and seen the impact it's had on these kids and I just wanted to help even more."

Durant's motivation behind this kind gesture is simple, as he explained to he was once a kid like them, hoping a heroic athlete would pay a friendly visit. Now that he's become one, he "just wanted to provide that for kids coming up now." Judging from that kid's reaction in the video above, and in this 2014 video, it looks like the kids really appreciate all he's done for them.