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Nuggets coach using lame parenting techniques to reach his team

"Grumpy cat, guys. Right!?"
"Grumpy cat, guys. Right!?"
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Shaw is struggling with his Denver Nuggets. In a report during Denver's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, TNT's Rachel Nichols shared the following Shaw techniques to reach and motivate his players:

Yes, he is reading books about millenials (or as he apparently calls them, "Generation Y") and hiding their phones.

This is the same person who, after suggesting his team might be trying to loserapped a scouting report to his players. RAPPED. He is a quintessential Dad of Tweens In Way Over His Head, except he's dealing with grown men who probably laugh at all of this. When he calls plays with emojis, this might be over.

I feel sorry you, coach. You're trying so hard but this is so wrong.