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Charles Barkley has a very hot take about basketball analytics

A 4-minute blech would be more enlightening, to be honest.

Want to hear a completely useless but somewhat entertaining-in-a-trainwreck-of-idiocy-kind-of-way rant on basketball analytics? Charles Barkley has you covered.

Daryl Morey, the analytics-minded GM of the Rockets, whose team is a frequent target of Barkley's ignorant analysis, tweeted a retort to Barkley's assertion that Houston stinks on defense.

This is Barkley's retort from Inside The NBA on Tuesday.

I'm confident that Barkley doesn't even know what he's arguing. He was just salty that he's completely wrong about the Rockets' defense, he buys into the junk about Basketball PhDs, and he has retrograde ideas about who should be allowed into the game of basketball. He has one volume -- loud -- and so little self-awareness that he'll never realize when he's digging himself a hole instead of burying his counterpart. (Shaq cackling encouragement doesn't help.)

Sometimes Barkley's rants contain a nugget of truth but go sideways in the explanation. This one is so unintelligible that it's wholly useless. You'll find better arguments than Chuck is offering up in the YouTube comment section. It's actually a little hilarious and immensely sad that Barkley will be appearing on a panel on analytics at All-Star Weekend on Friday -- based on this and past screeds, it'll be good for the entertainment value and positively useless for the actual topic at hand. Awesome.

In conclusion, we need to give Ernie Johnson an Around The Horn style mute button.

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