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Angels giving away remarkably ugly Mike Trout hat to unlucky fans

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Or maybe it's the Village Green Preservation Society of ballpark giveaways, and we'll all appreciate it a lot more later.

Maybe this ballpark giveaway should be given to the last 10,000 fans as a reward for the first 30,000 who got there on time.

Subtle! Just like that hashtag game. Don't sleep on this angle, either:

trout hat

Which is Mike Trout looking at Mike Trout on the scoreboard. Makes sense. Why have a picture depicting one of the 39 times he's scaled a fence to rob a home run when you can have Trout-on-Trout action?

Do you own a hat with six pictures of the same dude on it? Well, here's your chance. They're literally giving them away. Don't be shy.