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Russell Westbrook won't do the Dunk Contest because there are no victims

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

One of the major things holding back the NBA Dunk Contest is participation -- most of the league's biggest names and most athletic stars won't deign to do it. Russell Westbrook, who we'd all love to see in the contest, is among them, and explained his career-long avoidance in typical fashion:

A few things:

1. Not true:

2. Russell Westbrook won't eat meat unless he dunked on the animal.

3. And he only eats human meat, because he only dunks on people.

4. If that's the only hold-up, then it's easy to solve. Let's get Russ someone to dunk on. I personally volunteer to stand in the paint and let Russ kick me in the face while he dunks. Sign him up.

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