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The Bruins and Oilers had the (second) worst shootout in NHL history

The Bruins and Oilers missed the first 23 shootout attempts before Martin Marincin put everybody out of their misery and gave Edmonton a shootout win.

The Bruins and Oilers went to overtime tied at three. Then every single player on both teams forgot how to shoot a hockey puck into a net with a hockey stick:

fixed shootout

Sometimes long shootouts are exciting, but this one was just a parade of failure. Some shots were saved. Some were missed. The two teams explored every which way a hockey player could fail to sneak a puck past a goalie. I'm told that if they had gotten to 0-for-50, the NHL would have arranged an emergency T.J. Oshie shipment.

Finally, on the 24th attempt, defenseman Martin Marincin -- he of the zero NHL goals -- managed to get one past Tuukka Rask:

It... it doesn't even look like he was trying to shoot it. I think he just didn't get his stick on the puck and it floated through Rask's legs. Regardless, it's a goal -- and on Marincin's birthday no less!

At 12 rounds, this wasn't the longest shootout in NHL history -- the Panthers and Capitals went 20 rounds in December -- but we're guessing it's the furthest a shootout has ever gone without a single goal. (Update: Flyers-Rangers went 13 rounds in 2006!)

With the win, the Oilers remain in last place in the Western Conference.