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Rougned Odor has a brother named Rougned Odor, and both Rougneds Odor are on the Rangers now

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This is a next-level development in the world of baseball names.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers infielder Rougned Odor has, perhaps, the best name in baseball. It has "odor" in it. The first name looks cool and is pronounced roog-ned. On Baseball-Reference, his nickname is listed as "Stink, Stinky or Roogie." It's a great name.

There is another.

Same team. Similar positions. There's a chance.

And Odor flips it to Odor ... double play! Oh, Rougned ranged far to his left to get that, spun around and tossed it to Rougned, and the Odor brothers have done it again. How much Odor can you take? This is almost too much Odor. And yet it's just enough Odor. Oh, Odor brothers, you have Rougned me for other middle infielders.



Odor. Twice as much Odor as we could have possibly imagined.

(Also, there are hella Rouglases Odor, too.)