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This was the biggest trade deadline in NBA history

37 players! Almost a quarter of a billion dollars in salary! Jeez!

We knew the NBA trade deadline was wild enough to cause every NBA fan and a lot of its players to freak out. But just how big was it?

Turns out, the biggest ever!

1) Today was the biggest trade deadline in NBA history!

Plus, 11 draft picks were dealt. Less impressive stat.

2) That's almost 10 percent of the league!

According to, there were currently 440 players in the NBA, not accounting for the various signings/waivings that came along with the trade deadline. 37/440 is 8.4 percent. 8.4 percent of the league got traded today!

If NFL teams traded 8.4 percent of their rosters, that would be 143 players getting moved on the same day.

3) That's so much money!

Accompanied by those 37 players was $136.86 million in salaries for the 2014-15 season, led by Kevin Garnett's $12 million and JaVale McGee's $11.25 million.

If we were to include the entire lengths of every contract in the mix, we'd get $225.9 million, led by the $26.98 million left on Isaiah Thomas' contract. (That figure includes seasons under team and player options, but excludes seasons under qualifying offers.)

$225 million!

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