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Bobby Knight SCREAMS at fans instead of calling game

SMU fans were riled up during an exciting stretch of play, and got in Bobby Knight's line of sight. HE WAS NOT PLEASED.

Bobby Knight was on the call for SMU-Temple, but took a quick break from actually calling the action to yell at some fans.

After a Nic Moore three put the SMU Mustangs ahead for the first time all game, fans got out of their seats and started cheering. Apparently, some of these fans were in between Knight and the game. So we were left with live play interrupted by Knight yelling, "SIT DOWN, BOY" and, "EITHER TAKE MY SEAT OR LET ME SIT THERE."

We made a remix:

On the one hand, you understand where Knight is coming from. It's his job to call the game, and rowdy fans are preventing him from doing his job. That's frustrating! On the other, there are many, many, many, many better ways to solve this problem than screaming at the fans while there's a microphone strapped to your face. At least hit the mute button!

Knight also claimed he used to shoot players for bad fouls:

As you're probably aware, Knight has had temper issues on occasion, something described in detail by a player who looked up to him in this longform.