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Holy hell, Byron Jones destroyed the NFL Combine

He broke the NFL Combine broad jump record by EIGHT INCHES.

Byron Jones can jump farther and higher than almost anyone alive. Look at this NFL Combine-record broad jump.

That broad jump was measured at 12'3. The previous best was 11'7. That's an EIGHT INCH difference. No one had ever jumped past 12 feet at the NFL Combine until Byron Jones FLEW past it.


Setting aside us mere mortals, even other NFL Combine participants are in awe.

Just so you understand how much better Jones' broad jump was than every other jump in combine history, we put the best 10 ever on a chart:

The former UConn cornerback hit 44.5" on the vertical jump, which is just shy of the record, too.

This ... this is supernatural. Congratulations! Now you've heard of Byron Jones.

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