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Tom Brady wants to become a movie star

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Tom Brady is always thinking three moves ahead. The next one could be a move to Hollywood. You'll soon be seeing Brady in Ted 2 and the movie adaptation of Entourage, but like any great competitor, he's always wanting more.

A source told Star magazine: "At 37, Tom knows he only has a few seasons left before retirement. He's thinking ahead and believes he could become a huge movie star.

"He's used to being a superstar. After winning the Super Bowl again, he's thinking about new challenges outside of football."

These are the kind of windows Ted 2 opens. One day a foul-mouthed teddy bear is staring at your junk, the next you're on to stardom. Immediately, there are some perfect roles for him:

  • Yet another remake of The Longest Yard in which Paul Crewe is imprisoned for insider trading.
  • The Godfather 4 with Bill Belichick starring as Don Corleone and Brady serving as consigliere.
  • 48 Hrs. with Kevin Hart and Tom Brady.
Yes, they're all remakes.