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What if athletes were characters on 'Parks and Recreation'?

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Parks and Recreation will air its final episode Tuesday night on NBC. It's a bittersweet end to a seven-season show that has earned critical acclaim and incorporated many sports references over the years.

In honor of the show's ending, let's think about which athletes resemble different "Parks and Recreation" characters. Tell us your answers if you think we're wrong.

(All unlabeled commentary is by me).

Russell Wilson is Leslie Knope


BILL HANSTOCK: Leslie Knope has to be the best person in sports, period. The person all of us aspire to be, as a person.

Andrew Luck is Ben Wyatt


He's a little nerdy and unassuming, but he's definitely a rock for the Colts like Ben is a rock for Leslie.

Nick Young is Andy Dwyer

ny andy

You're not sure where either person's head is at a given moment, but they bring joy to all those around them.

Marshawn Lynch is April Ludgate

april lynch

They project an image like they don't care about anything, but those who know them best can see how much they value what's important to them.

J.R. Smith is Tom Haverford

tom jr

Both have BIG IDEAS that never come through because they don't take their craft seriously enough, but in the right situation, they can be real assets.

Lolo Jones is Ann Perkins

ann lolo

SARAH KOGOD: "Lolo is friendly, all 'go women,' very innocent and pure."

HANSTOCK: Lolo also wasn't afraid to reinvent herself. She also seems very concerned about how other people view her."

Derek Jeter is Chris Traeger

jeter chris

HANSTOCK: He's the perfect human being. The ideal of what everyone thinks a person in the public eye should be. We all begrudgingly like him for being perfect at being perfect.

Rex Ryan is Jerry Gergich

jerry rex

KOGOD: "Rex Ryan sometimes seems like someone who screws up a lot in the public eye, and yet he's super nice and has a hot wife. Plus, you can totally picture him falling into a creek chasing a burrito."

(Editor's note: James Dator suggested Tony Romo for Jerry because "everyone blames him for his ineptitude even though he's not a bad guy and thus becomes the scapegoat.")

Ronda Rousey is Donna Meagle

ronda donna

HANSTOCK: Ronda plays entirely by her own rules at all times. She's fun-loving and goofy when she wants to be. She has interests some people might be weird. But when she has to, she'll absolutely break your arm.

Dan Snyder is Jeremy Jamm

jamm snyder

PETE VOLK: He will do anything to make sure his pride comes out on top, even if it hurts his image and business. Somehow, he still does extremely well in life and business.

Phil Jackson is Ron Dunn

phil phil

Seems obvious.

Tim McCarver is Perd Hapley

perd mccarver

Because "I think Tim Wakefield would even say tonight that Tim Wakefield got to Tim Wakefield tonight" is absolutely something Perd Hapley would say.

Jim Dolan is Bobby Newport

dolan newport

Born into money and totally clueless. Seems perfect.

??? is Ron Swanson

ron ??

HANSTOCK: Ron Swanson is so unique. There is no perfect sports answer for Ron Swanson. Tell us your personal favorite Ron Swanson in the comments.