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Marshawn Lynch's super weird movie is no longer happening

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[UPDATE: Sadly, Marshawn Lynch's movie isn't happening any more, at least not the version that was presented in February. Lynch and his family were reportedly very unhappy with the film, and that the trailer was released without their permission (and has since been removed). Director Mario Bobino is reportedly working on a script about his struggles make the film, so there's some of hope of some representation of Beast Mode coming to the big screen someday. For now, we just have the still-marvelous Vines below.]

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is starring in a movie telling his life story. No, really. The trailer has been released for Family First and it's one of the weirder things you'll see today.

A movie trailer should give the viewer a taste of the story to come, but instead we just get a clip reel of shortened scenes. Marshawn is the best actor in it by far, and the whole thing looks and sounds like a really high budget student film.

Beast Mode has range, though ...

Also, he couldn't resist mocking the media.