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Vanderbilt coach shouts 'I'LL F***ING KILL YOU' at his player, quickly apologizes

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt rallied for a big victory over Tennessee Thursday night. Feeling a little too hyped after the win, Commodore guard Wade Baldwin -- who'd stoked a little rivalry before the matchup -- clapped in an opponent's face as players filed into handshake lines:

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings, understandably irritated, blew his top and uttered some regrettable words that made it onto the national TV broadcast:

You can't see the exchange, but you can hear Stallings screaming "don't do that" and "I'll f***ing kill you" to Baldwin. It was a horrid choice of words in a moment of passion, and it warranted a swift, public apology. The official statement via Vanderbilt:

"After the game, an incident occurred in which I need to apologize for. One of our players acted inappropriately and violated what we believe is good sportsmanship following the game.

"In my haste to resolve the situation, I made a very inappropriate comment. While obviously it was not meant literally, it was still inappropriate. I apologized to the player immediately following the game, although displaying good sportsmanship is of the highest priority in our program."

Definitely a good idea to move quickly on that apology. Hopefully everyone can relax ... at least until the next Vandy-Tennessee game.