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Stephen Curry lost to a 10-year-old girl in a 3-point shootout

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Stephen Curry hit 10 threes last night in an NBA game. But he wasn't good enough to beat a 10-year-old girl in a shootout.

As part of his preparation for the NBA Three-Point Shootout, Stephen Curry filmed five videos where he takes on challengers in three-point shootouts. He went 4-for-5, only losing to one challenger: 10-year-old Jaden Newman.

Newman, who went viral last January for a video when the then-9-year-old schooled varsity basketball players, was allowed to shoot from the high school three-point line while Curry shot from the NBA line. Sure, it's a handicap, but she was a 10-year-old going against one of the best shooters in the NBA. It's still incredible that she was even able to come close.

(Of course, they didn't show every shot the two players took, so we'll have to take Foot Locker's word for it.)

In his other four videos, Curry dominated Robert Horry, destroyed former 3-point champion Tim Legler, caught fire to best a strong performance from his dad Dell, and obliterated Kenny Mayne, as one would expect.

Curry also signed a permission slip for Newman so she could miss school to beat him: