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The Magic forgot how many men belong on a basketball court without Jacque Vaughn

Thursday, the Magic fired Jacque Vaughn Friday, they tried playing basketball with six people.

Football teams subbing in and out play by play get called for 12 men on the field all the time. Hockey teams subbing during live play get called for 6 men on the ice all the time. In hoops, where you're only allowed to substitute at certain stoppages in play, teams tend to know how many guys are supposed to be on the court. The Magic forgot that for a second Friday:

That's a technical foul, and an easy one. The game ended up going to OT, so the point they relinquished by forgetting how many guys are supposed to play was critical, but the Magic did win in OT.

This is probably just a silly mental mistake, but it should be noted that the Magic are getting their substitution orders from a different person; the team fired Jacque Vaughn Thursday. Maybe the Six Men On The Court strategy is a brilliant new tactic by interim coach James Borrego?