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Tony Allen takes a shot at Damian Lillard over All-Star letter

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The Grizzlies are 38-13 and would be even better if Zach Randolph didn't miss a couple weeks due to injury. That's good for the third-best record in the NBA. They're rising, too: after defeating the East-leading Hawks on Sunday, they're 9-1 in their last 10 games.

Yet the Grizzlies only have one All-Star: center Marc Gasol, seen by everyone as the cornerstone of their team. Randolph and Mike Conley weren't named as All-Star reserves, then were passed over when Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin needed to bow out due to injury.

That annoyed the Grizzlies. First: vice president of basketball operations John Hollinger.

Next, and more hilariously, Tony Allen:

He's referring to Damian Lillard writing a super-long caption on a since-deleted Instagram post after he was initially left off the team. Lillard was later named as Griffin's injury replacement.