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These word clouds show what NFL fans were saying as the league exploded

We all freaked out in different ways, at different times.

The free agency deadline got completely out of hand on Tuesday afternoon. We managed to compile word clouds from all of our NFL team sites, to highlight the most common words and phrases being used by writers and commenters. They're all from different points throughout the madness and they're all very illuminating. For example:

word cloud 2

After the Jimmy Graham trade, the words "GRAHAM," "WTF" and "GUYS" were all featured prominently. You know, as in, "GUYS, WTF? GRAHAM?!" Just for example.

word cloud 3

By the time the Sam Bradford-for-Nick Foles trade rolled around, things had taken a turn for the profane. "BRADFORD," "FUCK" and "SHIT" were all taking center stage, although so was "GREAT," so it wasn't all bad. Oh, unless those were sarcastic "great"s, as in "GREAT, SAM BRADFORD. SHIT."

word cloud 4

Eventually, things settled down and the word clouds nearly became complete sentences. "SAM GOOD, MAN PEOPLE," the commenters began to say. "True block ability," holy fan clarified.

I think we can all agree: Big sense. Philly comin.