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Keith Olbermann explains his fight with Penn State fans on Twitter

Keith Olbermann succinctly and perfectly explained what's wrong with the Internet and Twitter in general while giving his mea culpa on being suspended by ESPN for his hard-line stance on Penn State raising $13 million for the "Four Diamonds Fund."

"I just went back at somebody and they weren't even really throwing punches," he said.

The genesis of his misstep was simple: He didn't read something that was sent to him and instead commented quickly and aggressively. It certainly doesn't fix what Olbermann did, but anyone who's interacted on Twitter with people has had a moment they want to take back.

Olbermann has found his happy place with the platform:

Don't read any tweet that has your own name in it. Apart from the fact that you then don't get in any fights with anybody, on top of that you suddenly have an extra hour-and-half to two hours a day.

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