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Minor league team introduces Krispy Kreme hot dog that looks like surgery

This is how we die. With zero regrets.

Every year, stadium foods (and particularly minor league affiliates) try to think of new and entertaining (and usually expensive) ways to make your heart explode. This year, the Wilmington Blue Rocks have upped the ante with ... this:

Wow. Somehow, this is even more ridiculous than the now-ubiquitous Krispy Kreme burger. Probably due to the fact that you can barely see the hot dog in question and what little bit is peeking out from beneath the layers of BACON AND A GLAZED DONUT looks slathered with raspberry jelly, but definitely looks like HUMAN BLOOD.

This is what open-heart surgery looks like. If you don't believe me, eat a few of these bad boys. You'll find out in a hurry.

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