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We have literally no idea what Bill Walton is talking about

Volcanos? And Vegas headliners?

Former Trail Blazer Bill Walton is rapidly becoming the Werner Herzog of basketball commentary. Between talking about milking and being milked, his strong opinions about American drug policy and his insistence on calling players by nicknames that don't really make a lot of sense, Walton has provided some of the biggest "Wait -- what?" moments in college basketball. But this one might take the cake.

In case you don't believe your ears, yes, Walton is saying:

While you are here glorifying hate, glorifying dirty play, glorifying flagrant fouls and selfish, individual play, I’m going to celebrate the birthdays of peace and love with Jack Kerouac, Liza Minelli and James Taylor, who have all been big-time headline performers right here in Las Vegas. The peaceful, relaxing meadows in the heart of the Mojave desert.

And then finally:

Have you ever been to a volcano?

So, you know -- take that to heart. I guess.