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It's truuuuuu, the Atlanta Hawks are having a 2 Chainz night

Move the hell over "Tinder Night," there's a new champ in the building. That's right, 2 Chainz night is coming. March 27 sees the Hawks host the Heat, but more importantly Phillips Arena will be decked out for Tity Boi.

Off the floor, Chainz will have a major in-arena presence as soon as the doors open at 6:00 p.m., as the first 5,000 fans to arrive will be given copies of his latest mixtape, "T.R.U. Jack City," upon entering the building. Fans will also have the opportunity to purchase unique 2 Chainz-inspired Hawks gear from Hawks Shop inside the arena. Additionally, the "I'm Different" rapper will be featured in original Hawks productions to be aired in Philips Arena during the game.


Things are moving so fast. One second you think the Hawks are signing 2 Chainz to a 10-day contract, the next they're decking out the entire place for him.

We got a look at the custom merchandise being sold! Get ready, it's awesome.


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