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Colts propose the dumbest new NFL rule and it's genius

This is dumb. It's stupid. It makes no sense. It's ludicrous, weird and downright strange.


Attempting a field goal kick from midfield as a reward for getting two points is wonderful. It's like adding multi-ball to pinball, it just makes things better. No, it's better than that. We need to apply Colts' logic to every sport there is. Don't believe it? Here are some suggestions we had.

Improving the NBA (from Mike Prada)

"If you hit both free throws in basketball, you should be able to take a half-court shot for three more points."

Improving baseball

"If your team hits three home runs in an inning, the human pitcher is replaced with an automatic one for the next batter."

Improving soccer (from Graham McAree)

"Soccer PK shootouts are replaced by free kick battles after 5 rounds"

Improving hockey

"If your goalie saves three consecutive shots in a shootout he wears a inflatable sumo suit for the next skater."

Please make this happen NFL.