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Hartford Double-A team officially named Yard Goats

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You have done well, Internet. You have done well.

Two weeks ago, the good folks in charge of the Double-A team moving to Hartford asked the Internet for help. We at SB Nation offered our help, suggesting the Yard Goats as the only reasonable option.

We are proud to announce there is going to be a minor league team named the Hartford Yard Goats. We did it.

The announcement was made via a live stream from a high school gym that included:

  • confetti
  • goats
  • people distracted by goats
  • other goats

Like this:


This is one of the greatest day in the history of baseball-goat crossroads. They say that "yard goats" is old railroad slang, but we know they're really talking about goats. In a yard.

Just like that. I am so proud of you, Internet. Please vote in the important poll.