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Damn, this Sixers baby is a stone cold baller

Basketbaby is the only ball-handler I've ever seen cross someone up on all fours.

Basketbaby has no sense of object permanency, yet leads the league in steals.

Basketbaby knows several complex NBA offenses, and he knows what sound a doggy makes.

Basketbaby would play 48 minutes a night, but he needs breaks for diaper changes. He gets burped at halftime.

Basketbaby can dunk, but he needs someone to climb a ladder and help him down, and then put him down for his nap.

I've seen Basketbaby drill a jumper over a guy, then pull his pacifier out and scream "POWERED BY BREASTMILK" in his face. It was brutal.

Did you know vomiting on a defender isn't an offensive foul? Basketbaby knew that.

Basketbaby for MVP.