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El Salvador soccer players not happy when introduced to wrong national anthem

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Dammit, FedEx Field.

What you're seeing is the El Salvador national soccer team lining up for a rendition of their national anthem before a friendly against Argentina. What you're hearing is what we initially thought to be the national anthem of Kazakhstan based on Twitter reports (I wouldn't make a good anthem chooser either), but turns out to be the anthem of the Isle of Man, which is even sillier. That's not even remotely close ... geographically, alphabetically, melodically ... not at all.

El Salvador players look reasonably irritated (those hands slowly dropping off hearts!), and the crowd doesn't sound or look pleased either. The match is at FedEx Field (Where Cultural Insensitivity Lives!TM) in Washington D.C., where there is a significant Salvadoran population, so there are probably quite a few confused and annoyed people in the stands.

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