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Jim Harbaugh finishes fourth in Michigan student body president race, vows to do better

As you probably guessed, he wasn't actually running.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh's popularity on the Michigan campus since taking over as the head football coach has been well documented. He's also very popular in the student government president election as a write-in candidate.

The Michigan Daily reports that Harbaugh finished fourth in the recent election with 115 votes. Not bad for someone who wasn't even running!

Harbaugh received 115 votes for president in total, including 82 votes for "Jim Harbaugh," another 18 simply for "Harbaugh" and four for the joint ticket of "Jim Harbaugh and Diag Squirrel."

Jim Harbaugh and Jabrill Peppers, Jim Harbaugh and His Khakis and Jim Harbaugh and Jesus Shuttlesworth all received write-in votes as well.

One suspects that if Harbaugh had won the election, he'd probably be too busy coaching to serve.