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Judge Judy superfan Jim Harbaugh urges President Obama to nominate her to the Supreme Court

Seriously. He's a huge fan. And he thought this before there was an actual vacancy on the court.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is a Judge Judy superfan.

Yep, he's a BIG fan. We've know about this for awhile, but it's still cool.

There's more:

"I love Judge Judy," he says. "We have some great Supreme Court members, tremendous Supreme Court currently that we have, but I'd love to see Judge Judy on the Supreme Court. I just love everything about her."

Harbaugh and his dad Jack even have been guests of Judy Sheindlin's show. He's also played gin with her, too. "She's much smarter than me, let me tell you that. And she's a much better gin player. I'd hate to be compared to Judge Judy."

And still more:

And now that there's an actual vacancy on the Supreme Court, Harbaugh is staying on message with who he wants to see take Justice Scalia's seat on the bench.