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Panthers coach suits up after both goalies get hurt

Remember that time the Sabres' backup goalie was a team employee because of injuries? This is like that, but even closer to reaching fruition:

Rob Tallas is a Panthers coach. He last played professional hockey (in Austria) in 2005, and last played in the NHL in 2001. Roberto Luongo was hurt by a shot in the first period, though, and backup goalie Al Montoya was struggling mightily with an undisclosed injury. Soooo time for extreme measures:

Unfortunately for those of us who want to see a coach play in a game, Luongo returned in the third period despite his "upper body injury," saving the 41-year-old Tallas from some surprise ice time.

Tallas suited up in a similar situation back in 2013, but didn't get a chance to play.

And in case you're wondering what that contract's like (and the salary):

So, salary = $500 + jersey. Not bad!

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