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This dude Michael played one of the best 'Jeopardy!' games ever

We may be witnessing the beginning of another epic streak.

We at SB Nation do our best to keep you abreast of dominant 'Jeopardy!' players, and there may be another one climbing the ranks. Michael Bilow started on last Friday's episode and carried almost $39,000 from just two episodes into Tuesday's show. Then he just blew the damn thing open.

Michael dominated Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy, knocking off one Daily Double after another, including a buzzer-beating "Charlemagne" and "Maya Angelou" that seemed to be guesses. (He also pronounced Uranus "urine-us," which was fun.)

Michael entered Final Jeopardy having lapped his opponents several times over:


That look told us Michael was scheming to wager big, and indeed he did, shooting for the round number on a correct response to a clue asking which 1972 Oscar-winning film inspired Rodney Dangerfield's signature line:


$57,198  ranks near the top of this list, which is unfortunately outdated by a couple years. That single-day total pales in comparison to Roger Craig's legendary $77,000, but it's better than all but one day of Ken Jennings' all-time great run, and it's just hundreds of dollars short of Arthur Chu's best day.

That precise wager gets Michael up to $96,000 in three days, which is a mighty total. Keep an eye on this guy. He knows his stuff and he's lightning quick with the buzzer. He'll talk to you on Twitter, too:



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