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Lauren Hill honored with all-conference first team honors

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Lauren Hill personifies what it means to be a hero. The college athlete has never ceased fighting the inoperable brain tumor that stopped her from playing basketball for Mount St. Joseph, and the Heartland College Athletic Conference ensured she would be honored at the end of the season.

Officials announced that Hill would be named to the All-Conference first team.

HCAC commissioner Chris Ragsdale issued the following statement:

"This award is being presented to Lauren in recognition of her courage and outstanding leadership. Lauren has been a tremendous inspiration and role model for all student-athletes across the country. She has shown through her leadership and dedication how one individual can truly make a difference."

Hill has raised over $1 million for cancer research since her diagnosis, serving as an advocate for research and a symbol of the importance to never stop fighting, and to live life to the fullest. Thank you Lauren for being you, and inspiring us all.

h/t CBS Sports