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Chris Paul freaks out as DeAndre Jordan holds game-winning shot

Ohhhhh no. Doc Rivers drew up a lovely set for the Clippers to break their tie with Portland with just over 2 seconds to go. Chris Paul's shot rimmed out, but that wasn't the end of it ... or shouldn't have been:

DeAndre Jordan grabbed the rebound and, having heard a buzzer, just stood there. That was the shot clock buzzer (there were 1.7 seconds left there vs. 2.8 on the game clock), and he actually had a full second in which to easily put that ball back up and in to win the game. He even held the ball aloft as if to demonstrate how easy it would have been to end it all.

Chris Paul knew (check out the ref, too!)

Couldn't get the message to DeAndre in time, though. The game went to OT and Los Angeles lost. All because DeAndre held the ball right next to the rim instead of shooting it. And because the Blazers are awesome, but mostly the first thing.