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Baseball fans discovered that Mike Trout secretly wants to be a meteorologist

The exceptionally talented Mike Trout is harboring a secret: He wants to be a meteorologist. At least that's what some Internet sleuthing turned up over on Reddit, and there's a really compelling case for the Angels' centerfielder being a total weather geek.

There are a few really strong pieces of evidence.

1. Mike Trout regularly interacts with weather blogs on Twitter.

2. He regularly keeps track of weather in his area.

trout weather

4. He follows A LOT of weather sources on Twitter.

"By my count Trout follows 17 different meteorologists and 20+ weather related accounts."

It's a pretty compelling case and you should definitely read the whole thing. There are more examples of evidence, including which iPhone app Trout uses for his weather and some strong photos of him measuring snowfall to let weather outlets know what's happening outside.

h/t @minakimes

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