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Mississippi State hid a vulgar message for Ole Miss on these baseball warmups

Pretty sneaky, State.

You may want to view these photos through a piece of smoked glass. MSU students refer to Starkville as "Stark Vegas," you see.

I appreciate that college baseball uniforms may begin giving minor league uniforms a run for their money in the garishness department. On the other hand, PLEASE DON'T START THAT ARMS RACE.


Hey, wait a minute. Is there a secret dig at Ole Miss on these shirts?



[reggaeton airhorn]

UPDATE: Mississippi State's Athletic Director has weighed in:

And the official statement from adidas:

"We apologize to Mississippi State, their student-athletes, fans and alumni for this error. The Bulldogs' baselayer graphic today featured old artwork that was never presented to the university. This graphic does not reflect our brand values nor those of Mississippi State. We take full responsibility for this error and wish Mississippi State the best of luck during Super Bulldog Weekend."

If you like the STARK VEGAS thing, you might also enjoy these shoes.