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Stephen Curry hits impossible 3 to send Warriors-Pelicans to overtime

Stephen Curry got two chances. He missed the first and delivered on the second.

The New Orleans Pelicans had Game 3 in the bag. In front of a crazy home crowd, the Pelicans led by 20 points at the start fourth quarter. With 5:50 left, New Orleans led by 17 points. That's when Golden State went on an incredible run powered by a small ball lineup. Curry sent it to overtime, where the Warriors would win 123-119.

This Curry shot is going to be remembered for a long time. Like, how is this possible?

This wasn't a game the Warriors were supposed to win:

Everyone on Twitter basically lost their minds:

Curry finished the night with 40 points and nine assists on 10-of-29 shooting from the field and 7-of-18 shooting from three-point range. The Warriors out-scored the Pelicans 39-19 in the fourth quarter to force OT. What a game.


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