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Planned marriage proposal at Augusta almost ended in disaster

Taylor Lamb had a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Alyson Dukes. He would pop the question at Augusta during the practice round of The Masters. The ring was bought, his words written, but there was a problem -- he didn't have tickets.

Lamb told that he didn't have a plan B, so everything was riding on his on-course proposal. Thankfully someone came through at the last second.

"I was walking to my car in defeat. I mean, I had already told both our moms – and a ton of friends – about my plan, and all I could think about was having to call everything off." Then, "Faith came through."

Shortly before he reached his car, GRU athletic director Clint Bryant pulled next to Lamb with two Monday practice-round tickets hanging out of the window.

Talk about being saved at the last second! Everything went off without a hitch and crowds applauded the newly engaged couple. Congrats to both of you! One suggestion: Always have a plan B, just in case.

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