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The 1994 Rangers got drunk and left the Stanley Cup at a strip club

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The Stanley Cup's been everywhere -- more places than you or I could imagine. One place we no longer have to imagine is legendary New York strip club Scores. That one was confirmed on 60 Minutes this weekend by former undercover informant Michael Blutrich, who in his description of years spent getting information on the mob, dropped this anecdote about the 1994 New York Rangers:

At Scores, there were lines outside the door, and celebrities and professional athletes partying inside.

Michael Blutrich: The New York Rangers came to Scores on the night they won the Stanley Cup, filled the Stanley Cup with champagne and shared it with everybody, and then left the Cup.

Anderson Cooper: They left the Stanley Cup there.

Michael Blutrich: They got drunk, they left the Cup.

Who's to say the Cup didn't ask to stick around? Maybe the Cup just wasn't ready to go home yet, you know? The Cup is an adult and makes adult decisions sometimes.

(h/t Puck Daddy, who note that the way the Cup is supervised these days, this probably won't ever happen again.)