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Boston newspapers slam NFL over Tom Brady suspension, New York has balls jokes

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Let's see how people are handling the suspension today.


A few questions, Boston Herald. Who are the "NFL air heads"? Is it Tom Brady? The Patriots? The league itself? You definitely have a photo of Tom Brady, which makes the page confusing.

Also, what's up with the "INFLATE-GATE" thing? That makes no sense. I suppose you're saying the punishment was too much, or "inflated," but this is just confusing.

TRUMP! You seem too excited about this.

New York

New York's front pages are a lot more straightforward. Some nice, easy-going balls jokes. Tried and true. Kudos to The Daily News for committing front page Inception. They liked that "Great Balls of Liar" one too much to let it go.

h/t Newseum, via @jfdulac

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